Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Beer bottle filling machine Introduction This machine is my company's introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production industry, designed to develop small-scale beer filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved...

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Beer bottle filling machine Introduction

 This machine is my  company's introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics  of beer production industry, designed to develop small-scale beer filling  equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved  rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other  functions. 

 Beer bottle filling machine Structural Features

 1,  The rinsing machine using high-strength stainless steel bottles of  spring-loaded folders, to ensure a stable reversal of the glass bottles. The  nozzle is a plum-like structure can wash every corner of the sidewall and  bottom to make the bottle clean.
 2,  Filling machine with spring-type mechanical lifting equipment to upgrade glass  bottles, large bearing support floundering in the vat and use of guide-rod in  the orientation of the structure, there are pre-cover features.
 3,  Using high-precision mechanical filling valve, with cylinder liquid level and  the back pressure controlled by a variable signal proportional. Fast, stable,  accurate, to be vacuum one at a time.
 4,  Stainless steel plunger and mechanical stirring gland-type magnetic reasonable  cap to ensure that the gland is healthy and reliable. Hopper and the cap  taking- cover, capping transmitted by magnetic. The capping is reliable and  automatic unloading, reducing the rate of broken bottles.
 5,  Before the capping, use hot water bubble set to displace bottlenecks air,  ensuring the oxygen content of less than 0.15mg / L.
 6,  Filling machines includes broken bottle automatically stopping valve, broken  bottle washing, and foam automatically exhausting device.
 7,  With perfect CIP cleaning function, and capable of rinsing filling pipes with  acid, lye liquid and hot water.
 8,All the materials in contact with the  valves, tanks, pipes are made of stainless steel 304 materials, inside and  outside the wall of mirror-polished, ensuring it is healthy.
 9,  Manually dry oil lubrication system to make sure equipment maintenance is more  convenient.
 10,  The whole operation adopts advanced man-machine interface, PLC control,  frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and other automatic control  technology, with no bottle no open valves, no stamps; no cap no operation, and  other security protection. 

 Beer filling line list




Monoblock glass bottle Beer filler



500ml change part


1 set

Automatic cap loader


1 set

Light checker


1 set

Drying machine


1 set

Single side sticker labeling machine


1 set

Belt feeding conveyor


6 m

Turning belt conveyor


2 m



2 Pcs






Beer washing filling and capping machine 


Filling machine 



Pressure capping machine 




Washing  filling and capping machine 




2.Conveyor  belt 

 Material: 304  stainless steel
 Configurations:  including a Motor

Change  parts for 500ml 


3.Automatic Cap Loader 


  Model: SG-100A
 Output:1000-1500 pcs/min
 Power;AC 380V 
 Total power;120w
 Air pressure :3-5kg/cm2
 Size of machine:1000x900x3200mm

Bottle samples in our showcase :


4.Bottle drying machine 

 Drying machine is the pressure generated by the vortex air pump  air through the air knife hair spike of high-speed wind curtains, drops the  bottle blew the body, easy bottle labeling and packing..
 ( With food hygiene requirements of the materials), 304  stainless steel tank
 Main  parameter:
 Power  of motor:5.5KW
 Blowing rater:546-716m3/h
 Machine size:L950*W430*H1400mm
 Packing size: L1100*W 530*H1570mm

5.Single side sticker labeling machine 

 image027.jpg image029.jpg


Main Material

Stainless Steel 304,    Aluminum Alloy 6061


L 2100mm×W    900mm×H    1300mm




1200 W

Production Capacity

2000 bottle/hour

Label Roll Core

76 mm

Label Roll Diameter

350 mm

Label Width

10~110 mm

Label Length

20~360 mm

Bottle Diameter

30~90 mm

Bottle Height

30~200 mm


CAD drawings 


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