500L Complete Microbrewery System

500L Complete Microbrewery System

1. German new technology and Engineer from German. 2. High quality materials, stainless steel, red cooper, beautiful outlook. 3. The parts use famous brand. 4. The finished beer is very delicious and nutritious for body. 5. The Seamless welding, good sealing performance.

Product Details


All the fermentation tank will packed by Iron frame package, fermentation tank will Fixed with the bottom of container by screw to avoid moving during Transportation.

Spare parts will packed with wooden Package to avoid damage and missing.

You will never worry about the package damage.


300L Micro Commercial Brewery  Equipment Beer Brewing Equipment

Brewing System



Milling System


Double Roller,Noise<60db

Heating System

Boiler (steam heating)

Electric,Gas,Oil,Coal Type/CE certification

Brewhouse System

300L Mash/Lauter tun

Mashing Process:Decoction.Infusion.Multi-step infusion

300L Brew Kettle/

Heating source:Steam,Electric,Gas

Whirlpool Tank

SUS304/Red copper

300L Hot Water Tank

4M2 Heat exchanger

Stainless steel plate

Fermentation System

300L Fermentation Tank

Top manway/Side manway

Drying hop port to brew IPA

Dimple Plate Cooling jacket

Carbonation port to fill CO2

10L Yeast Adding Tank

SUS304 Stainless Steel

Cooling System

600L Glycol Water tank

Equiped with PU level indicator

3P Chiller

UL/CE certified electric elements,Copeland compressor


Cleaning System

50L Disinfection Tank

SUS304 full welded

50L Alkali Tank


Control System

Control Cabinet



Auger System

Grain Case

Grist Hydrator

Piping flow panel for Brewhouse

Brewhouse Separate PLC Controller

Support equipments

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