1000L Beer Brewing Equipment For Club

1000L Beer Brewing Equipment For Club

1000L Beer Brewing Equipment For Club description: 1. Quality: High quality Without driving leakage risk and nice appearance 2. Capacity: Can be customized 3. Processing: Fermenting 4. Thickness: 3mm 5. Volume design: Properly according to the capacity requests

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1000L Beer Brewing Equipment For Club

Microbrewery system

Hello, welcome to Shandong Ruijia brewing group.

Company information:

A Focus on quality 20 years

A Chinese craft beer cultural disseminator

A brewery turn-key solution provider

A decisive market share leader in China


As one of Asia high-end craft beer brewing equipment manufacturer, he has the most professional design and manufacturing team. He has adhered to the craftsman’s spirit, insisted on the basis of learning and introducing new technologies to develop and innovate independently .Now he has established own unique brewery equipment product system, and there will be 2-3 new products to market every year.

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Advantage of microbrewery system?


1. Our Microbrewery system can meet the wort production requirements of self- made beer bar and can complete the whole process from grinding of raw material, material feeding, saccharification, wort filtration, boiling, settling and cooling to the final oxygenation.
2. Our Microbrewery system are made of high quality stainless steel which meets the international and national hygiene and safety standards.
3. Our Microbrewery system heating methods: steam heating, electrical heating and direct fire.
4. Saccharification filtration tank is equipped with variable frequency mixer which can achieve the exchange of rotating speed from 50r/min and meet the requirements of rotating speed for saccharification mixing and filtration tank mixing.
5. Our Microbrewery system, the operation and control are achieved by automatic control or semiautomatic control with computer industrial control system.
6. Input and output of material and self- circulation are connected by sanitation material pump and hose and the cleaning adopts CIP cleaning tanker and hose connection to achieve self-circulation cleaning.
7. Connection type of pipelines for requirements is quick assembly which is convenient for cleaning, maintenance and repair during production.
8. Our Microbrewery system have Reasonable design, delicate, process, nice appearance,durable service, easy for operation, repair and maintenance.


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Why we love beer


1. Happy party

In party, we never miss beer. Not like high alcohol, let you drunk.

2. Health

Beer is a refreshing drink in summer and autumn sunstroke thirst antisudorific. According to medical and food experts, beer contains 4% alcohol, can promote blood circulation; carbon dioxide, drink cool and comfortable feeling; can help digestion, promote appetite.

Hops contain protein, vitamins, essential oils, bitterness, resin, has a strong heart, stomach, diuretic, analgesic efficacy of adjuvant effect in both medical, hypertension, heart disease and tuberculosis better. Mothers drink beer in order to increase the mother's milk, so that babies get more adequate nutrition.

Proper amount of beer has certain curative effect on heart and hypertension patients.

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Our Service


Pre-sales services

1.Customize to your detailed specifications;

2.Design of the equipment;

3.Layout plan in 3D or CAD drawings for your brewery;

4.Competitive price and prompt delivery.


After-sales service:

1.Provides all of Customs clearance document,Certificate of origin (form E),CE,ISO certification system;

2.Main parts of the equipment three years warranty at free,such as joint,valves etc.

3.Professional engineers going aboard for the installation,debugging,repairing;

4.Production technology,brewing formula,person training available.



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Always here waiting for you


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