250L 300L 400L 500LRed Copper Micro Brewery

250L 300L 400L 500LRed Copper Micro Brewery

Our 300L brewery equipment use red cooper materials, very luxury looking. Any inquiry please let me know sales6@rjbrewing.com

Product Details

Main Items

Main Machine

Crushing System

Double rollers malt miller machine

The distance of roller can be adjusted.

Grain handling grist hydrator available.

Mashing System

2-vessel type brewhouse

Combine-vessel type brewhouse

3-vessel type brewhouse

4-vessel type brewhouse

Hot water tank

Heating exchanger

Milled false bottom

Glass sight manhole

Cutomized heating method

Yeast adding tank

Oxygen filling device

Hops back

More stainless steel accessories

Temperature control system

Fermenting System

Fermentation tank

Brite beer tank

Storage tank

Serving tank

Dry hop port

Equipped with Racking arm

Shalowless manhole

Aseptic sampling valve

Safety valve

Carbonation stone

Pressure gauge


All stainless steel pipe conection

More accessories

Single tank single control

Refrigerating System

Ice water tank

Cold water tank


Ice water pump

Stainless steel warm keeping pipes

CIP Cleaning System

Hydrogen peroxide tank

Caustic soda cans

Cleaning pump

Mini control box, single control

Set up on one movable car

With heating function

Control System

PID and PLC Control system available

Siemens Control system

Schneider Brand Electrical Component

Handle, Semi-auto, Fully-auto Control

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