Nice Poland Guys 500L Brewery Equipment

Nice Poland Guys 500L Brewery Equipment

Would you like to run your own microbrewery, but you have not enough space in the restaurant ? You may not change building construction? We can deliver a container microbreweryand install it next your building. Just after 3 days you can start to brew your own beer.

Product Details

On March 3th, 2018,we have two professional customers from of  the Poland University, they are teachers of brewing beer in school, they are bring some special and professional requirements visiting our factory for their brewery equipment.

For technical requirements, they have almost the rigors of the Germans, in life they are as warm as South America.

The 500L engineer overseas service brewery equipment Estimated weekly beer production will be 3000L with current configuration.


1. In order to ensure that the beer has a good taste, our brewing water through a professional processing equipment.


2. The performance of the malt grinder is equally important, and we use an adjustable twin-roll malt grinder.


3. High efficiency steam heating is achieved by natural gas steam boilers.


4. Standard working capacity 3 vesseles brewhouse : Mash/lauter tun+  Kettel/Whirlpool tun+ Hot water tank.


5.  Pressure-stable 1000L working capacity fermentation tank .


6. Portable 100L CIP system keep brewing equipment is sterile.


Part II What happend during the customer visiting our factory .


During the visiting time of custoemrs, they pay a visit for five suppliers in China. we are so glad got this order from them based on our service and professional knowledge. we prepare a Power point show our service from Raw material to Arrange shipping.


As we said before they are very warm in the life, after the work everyday, We went to taste the variety of food ,Visit a variety of interesting tourist attractions. What impressed me most was that they were particularly fond of eating onions,  And like the Chinese tea, so they spent all the money to buy tea. 

Part IV The complete of 500l microbrewery equipment


After 1 month tension and orderly production, one artist was born at a warm spring. The 500l microbrewery was completed on time.


We again invite Polish customers to come to China to check the quality before delivery. They were satisfied with the quality, we were happy because they happy.

Part V The final stage- Installation, commission and training


After more than one month transportation on sea, the equipment finally arrived to Poland. They placed the equipment as the layout we discussed before.

At the same time, Our engineer arrived to the Poland brewery after about 10hours flight, start the installation work immediately........ 


Are you not even sure if your brewing business will be successful? Start with small-volume microbrewery that will test the correctness of your decisions and minimize your economic risk.

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