Home Use Beer Brewing Equipment

Home Use Beer Brewing Equipment

Application 50L Regional draft beer brewing equipment use for small pub, home and test beer receipt 50L beer brewing equipment Detailed Images Sell service * 24 hours on line * Technology support * Engineer Free installation T rade Assurance order * Quality...

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Home use beer brewing equipment


Product Description

 Let's take a look at 50L home beer brewery equipment

50L home beer brewery equipment main units list as follows: 


Mash/Lauter/Boiled kettle/Whirlpool Tun


Electricity heating tube: 2pcs, 4KW

Working capacity: 50L;

Material: S.S.304;

Inner thickness: S.S.304 thickness 2.5mm;

Outer 1.5mm 

Temperature measuring: PT100 sensor.

Inner lauter tun with false bottom

Supporting frame

Sight glass

Cooling water inlet and outlet

Wort returning tube



Fermentation Tank


Effective capacity: 50L;

Material: S.S.304;

Inner thickness: 2.5mm;

Outside thickness: 1.5mm.

Insulation material: PU, 60mm.

Temperature measuring: PT100 sensor;

With sight glass on the top

With Sample valves

60 degree conical bottom

Spray ball inside,

CIP cleaning tube




Ice water tank



Material: S.S.304;

Insulation material: PU, 60mm

Temperature measuring is by Pt100 sensor.

Inner with copper tubes

3 legs



Mash Pump




Power: 220V, 50hz,

0.37 KW.

Capacity: 1T/h.



ICE Water Pump




Centrifugal pump





Air cooled, connected with the Glycol Tank.

 Ice water pump

Transfer cooling water


Control Cabinet


Power supply: 220V, 50hz . Automatic controlling: PLC

Outer material: SS 304


Function: 1) Temp in mashing tank showing

2) Temp and pressure in fermenters auto showing

3) Temp in cold water tank showing

4) Pump stop and start





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A) Turn-key service are available.      
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c) Beer recipes are free to share.   
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