Fermentation Vessels For Beer

Fermentation Vessels For Beer

Though there have been several in depth, thoughtful posts by Great Lakes Beer Company and Napanee Beer Company on the "Buck a Beer" issue, we wanted to share our feelings with our customers.

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"Buck a Beer " -- Bad strategy

1. We believe that purposely making beer as cheaply as possible is completely at odds with the craft beer philosophy.

Not only does flavour and quality inevitably suffer under these conditions, but only the multi-national corporate beer conglomerates have the hundreds of millions of dollars in equiptment, bulk purchasing power, marketing budgets, production facilities, tax breaks, and bargaining power to make a tiny profit mass selling 341ml bottles or 335ml cans for $1. Independently owned, craft brewers will never be able to compete under these conditions. And more importantly: we don't want to.

2. Beer prices aren't a real political issue.

Regardless of your politics, we should all be able to agree that this is a complete non-issue in the lives of Ontarians. There are real issues facing this great Province of ours, and any politician from any political party that creates divisiveness amongst the people to score cheap political points or fulfill meaningless campaign pledges or trick consumers, should be held to account by voters.

3. This isn't an opportunity for marketing gimmicks.

Any craft brewery participating in the race to the bottom is selling itself short. We believe that listening to customers and community will show they do not want "buck a beer" while compromising flavour and quality. The few extra dollars this marketing gimmick will bring you will pale in comparison to the damage from the rest of the industry being pitted against you. In this scenario: individual breweries, the industry, and customers all lose. We need to speak with one voice, united.

Fermentation vessels for beer

Beer Lover Viewpoint

1. Lol a case of decent beer costs 15 euros in western europe and wages are more expensive ect. So i am confused because it is achievable. Obviously you need to mass produce for that price point and probably not infuse beer with everything under the sun. These little breweries they had on the news dont have a chance to do that. They dont have the capacity nor the purchasing power to achieve true cost. So essentially it a zero sum game asking them that question. Because obviously they will tell you they can't do it which is true. Also they are attempting to brand themselves a niche beer so the price point will always be more then the run of the mill brands.  

2. Here is a good cost breakdown per 355ml can of a 4% lager. Mind you this is for a brewery 10X our batch size so we can't even make it this cheaply.

3.  I don't trust any company that wants government interference in the market.
What are you whining about? No one is forcing you to do anything, in fact it's the opposite. They are removing a regulation forcing a price. Is the fact your competition can now offer a lower priced alternative a problem for you? Any industry that seeks government interference for price fixing is corrupt imo.

4. Please re read the post sir. We're "whining" about:

1. Political sloganeering and gamesmanship. If the Premier was a real Austrian free market conservative, he would abolish the minimum price and institute a real free market. He did not do that, he barely tweaked a corrupt govmt mandated price control. We do not support those.

2. We don't care what other companies charge for beer. Charge a nickel per can if it floats your boat. We can't do it for a dollar, only the big corporate behemoth beer companies can and we're informing our customers of the cost realities we face and why we won't be participating.

3. Political divisiveness over beer is silly. Ontario has real issues: huge debt, mounting economic inequality, healthcare, climate change, etc to talk abput and deal with and work through. We shouldn't be wasting time on this.

Fermentation vessels for beer

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