10 BBL Beer Making Machine

10 BBL Beer Making Machine

10 BBL Beer Making Machine description: 1. Quality: High quality Without driving leakage risk and nice appearance 2. Capacity: Can be customized 3. Processing: Fermenting 4. Thickness: 3mm 5. Volume design: Properly according to the capacity requests 6....

Product Details

10 BBL Beer Making Machine

Beer Brewing Equipment description: 

 1. Quality: High quality Without driving leakage risk and nice appearance
 2. Capacity: Can be customized  
 3. Processing: Fermenting
 4. Thickness: 3mm
 5. Volume design: Properly according to the capacity requests
 6. Certification: ISO9001 / CE
 7. Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
 8. Warranty: 5 year

Fermenter System 

 Fermenter system is composed of fermenter tank, bright beer tank, yeast added tank, etc.
 The traditional design of the fermenter’s cylinder and cone is double-jacket, the seal head is single-jacket, based on the original design,




Can be customized

Raw Material

 304 stainless steel or red copper cladding

 Tank Wall

 Outer 2mm / inner 3mm.


 Polyurethane, TH: 80-100mm

 Glycol jacket

 Dimple jacket on the cone and side


 Inside is Mirror polish


Industrial fermenter tank.jpg


300L stainless steel brew kettle.jpg

 Our Services for Industrial fermenter tank 

 The fermenter tank details can be customized. Turn-key service are available. Overseas installments and training can be provided. Beer recipes are free to share.  And our Latest production techniques.

300lbeer equipment.jpg


Standard container export package also can be customized

300L stainless steel beer brewery kit.jpg


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