1bbl 2bbl 3bbl 5bbl Brew System

1bbl 2bbl 3bbl 5bbl Brew System

Shandong Ruijia has been in beer brewery system for more than 20 years. We can take full responsibilities for designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, and production according to your requests, the machine can be used for produce different beers and wine.

Product Details

1. With strict water / air pressure test,air pressure test for 48 hours before delivery.
2. Cooling jacket with strict water / air pressure test.
3. Dished head, thickness is 2.5mm, Cone angle can be custom-design.
4. Sanitary top pressure manhole on top.
5. 360°full coverage CIP cleaning arm.
6. Carbon dioxide exhaust arm with butterfly valve.
7. Mechanical pressure regulating valve.

8. Liquid level gauge with soft pipe.

Mashing system

01. mash & boil tank

02. lauter & whirlpool tank

03. mill machine

04. wort pump

05. plate heat exchanger

06. saccharification combination pipeline

07. pipeline & valve VLV

08. wort measuring meter

09. venturi tube

10. measuring cylinder

11. titanium rod

12. operation platform



material: sus304, thickness: 3.0mm

External-Jacket(stainless steel), thickness:1.5mm;Cylinder (sharp type, SUS), thickness: 2.0mm.

Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.6um.

Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80m-100mm




fermentation system

01. fermentation tank

02. bright beer tank(optional)

03. yeast adding tank

04. food tube

05. refrigerant pipelines(keep warm tube)

06. electromagnetic put air out

07. electronic gauges

08. valve pipe fittings

Mareial Inner (SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;


Oval head cone bottom, thickness: 2.0mm.

Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.4um(attached Omni cleaning ball).

Mirror surface finish inside.

Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80mm.

Equip with: cone 60degree resist compression design, dripping temperature drop.

Cleaning system: all round cleaning;

Control method: temperatur control, voltage-control and hand automatic control.

Weld slinging band, width 40mm

Valve pipe fittings supporting, Single tank single control,

Maitreya plate cooling jacke.

cooling system

01. Ice water tank

02. refrigerating unit

03. circulate pump

04. pipeline & valves

material: Inner(SUS304), thickness: 2.5mm;

External-Jacket(stainless steel);

Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80mm

control system

01. mashing control

02. fermenting control

03. coling control

04. cleaning control

Mannal operate



SS jacket

cleaning system

01. Washing pump(moving)

02. Alkali tank

03. Sterilization tank

SS anticorrosion pump, Power: 0.55kw lift: 18m

Rev: 2880 r/min

Stainless steel, thickness: 2mm

Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.6um

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