500L Beer Brewing Equipment

500L Beer Brewing Equipment

500L beer brewing equipment Stainless steel 304 3 vessels or 2 vessels 1.Inner are of international standards of quality 304 stainless steel material, high-pressure polyurethane foam insulation, the jacket in accordance with customer requirements, can be polished stainless steel, matt, carbon steel, the form of spraying. 2.The application of international standardized fermented beer production technology, a wide range of temperature control application technology, mirror polishing inside the tank, up to ≤0.8um≤0.6um≤0.2um polishing quality standards, fully meet automatic cleaning and disinfection of the controlled system requirements. 3.Fermentor cooling jacket at the same time meet the needs of the country the world’s technical standards, the provision of Maitreya paneles, arched passages spinulosa Watt Jacket channel heat exchangers and other methods to meet different cooling media and the pressure of the heat exchange technology needs.

Product Details

500L beer brewing equipment

500L skid beer brewing equipment is designed for brewpub, restaurant or recipe testing of commercial brewery.

 1.We can provide brewing technology, brewing formula

2. We can provide 3D or CAD drawings if you need

3. 3years warranty

4. We can provide equipment design, installation and debugging, and personnel training service.

This 500l beer brewing equipment  is designed with 2-vessel brewhouse with steam heating: 

Mash/lauter combined tun, kettle/whirlpool combined tun. It is suitable for brewing 1-2 batches per day, infusion mashing and has bigger expanding capacity in future. 

The brewhouse also comes with hot liquor tank and cold liquor tank for supplying hot water and cooling wort. 


Features of this microbrewery design plan:

5hl mash/lauter tun with wort colleacting rings, hydrator, glass manway

5hl kettle/whirlpool tun with steam heating

With wort grant tank, hopback 

The brewhouse are combined on a portable skid for easier installaton and movement

5hl hot liquor tank 

10hl fermentation tanks

10hl bright beer tank

Suitable glycol cooling system

PLC brewhouse control panel, pnaumatc valves

PID fermentation control panel

Cleaning system


500l 1 2

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