Pub Hotel Using 7BBL Micro Brewery Equipment

Pub Hotel Using 7BBL Micro Brewery Equipment

Shandong Ruijia could provide 500-50000 Liter Capacity beer brewery equipment, Provide Set Up and Training Service.

Product Details

The main body of this system is composed of Mash/ Boiling tun and Lauter/ Whirlpool tan, auxiliary machine includes plate heat exchanger, centrifugal pump, control cabinet, pipeline, valves and so on.

This system design uses the advanced German design concept, materials are all SUS304, plank with posco plate, using TIG welding argon arc welding, control adopts Siemens PLC control, valve adopts pneumatic valve, can realize automatic control.

This system features: small footprint, high production efficiency, easy to operate.

300L beer brewing machines  (1)

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