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1000L brewery equipment in Poland

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Destiny meeting


Sometime you will feel if you meeting with someone really like “ destiny”, like love, like friends, like partner. I believe we are from “destiny”, hope our friendship forever

My customer Slawek and Irez is professor in Poland university, he have working together 25 years. They all love beer, so focus on beer business together!

Like I always said” Passion” is only what you need for beer!

beer brewery equipment(001).jpg 

General configuration of 1000L brewery equipment and technology service

The 1000L brewery equipment including 3 vessels 500L brewhouse, 6 pcs 1000L unitank 1500L glycol water tank, and control unit. They also bough the bottle filling line, keg , keg filler and washer, water treatment, boiler, it is a turnkey project.


We provide tank drawing, layout design for our customer.



Visiting our factory before delivery


Our customer visit our factory before delivery, they test our brewery, really “awesome”

You can check this link, customer feedback and introduction.

1 barel brewing system(001).jpg 


Travel in Jinan


Jinan is a spring water city, beautiful Daming lake and Spring Square, you must be not missing. We also go Qianfu mountain with my friends together, this is their first time talking with foreigner. It is really a amazing journey.



Best wishes together



Installation and training how to brewing beer


Enjoy beer

brewing system(001).jpg 

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