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5000L brewery equipment in Mexico

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Story of customer and us 

We know each other by a friend In Mexico, first our customer buy 50L brewery as a lab, to test  beer receipt.

Then customer come to Jinan with a Guangzhou friend, we meeting with us in Jinan Huangtai hotel. He look like a big brother, very nice and kindly,he visit our factory, take many photos to show it to his Mexico friends.

The bad is we don’t have enough time for dinner together, the time is too press, he need back to Mexico soon.

Hope next time coming again, we are still waiting for our dinner and beer together.



General configuration of 5000L brewery equipment


The 5000L brewery equipment is one of the systems we exported to Mexico in 2015.

The company name is CGG in Mexico, they have big passion of the beer, everyday drink and enjoy beer.

They choose us to help them make 5000L turnkey brewery project, including 4 vessels brewhouse, 7 pcs 5000L fermenter and 2 cps of bright beer rank, 2 pcs double 100HL glycol water tank, and PLC control unit.

Really happy show our story with CGG.



Communication before order


The time from 20.11.2014  to  08.07.2015, to much emails, whatsApp and Skype message here, but we are so happy working together.


Technology support (Layout+ tanks drawing+3D drawing)


Our engineer team have working for brewery design more than 8 years, must be give you best and suitable plan.



Produce and delivery in factory ( Also buy sea insurance)


We have clearly products standard, every worker have been working in our factory more than 3years.

Every tank we will do pickling passivation, there is totally food standard.



Installation in Mexico


Our Mexico customer have professional, they use one month to install the whole brewery. We talking by Skype and phone calling, 24 hours on line to help them everyday.



Best beer in Mexico, welcome!


Check the beer link



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