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Beer, Is Probably The World's Most Misunderstood Drinks

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Low sugar, low calories, zero fat

Beer is probably the most misunderstood beverage in the world

Here are a few facts about beer

How much do you know?

A survey shows

90% of britons think so

Half a pint of beer has more calories than a small glass of wine

The opposite is true

A pint of beer (4% alcohol) has only 182 calories

Less than 197 calories per glass of wine (250ml)

Therefore, low - sugar, low - calorie, zero - fat beer

It's sad

Some people think that beer belly is drunk from beer

In fact, the cause of "beer belly" is irrational eating habits

The real beer belly is a lot of fat

Fat accumulates from excess energy

Or too much energy

Either too little energy is expended

It has no direct or inevitable relationship with drinking beer

Research by the German federal dietetic medical association has shown

The beer belly is linked to a man's genetic make-up

Beer drinkers are more likely to have a beer belly or even be obese

No higher than people who don't drink beer

So said

Shut up and move on

It's a hot summer day

Nothing rewards you more than an iced beer

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