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Beer Tips:Why Do Not Use Plastic Bottle Beer?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Everyone knows you can not drink beer in plastic bottles, but do you know why? Brewed beer equipment manufacturers to tell you why:


Plastic is more permeable than glass(The glass itself can not penetrate oxygen and carbon dioxide).That's to say beer (or other soft drink) is more likely to taste flat in plastic bottles than in glass bottles,because carbon dioxide is more easily lost.Glass has another advantage, it does not taste, and will not be installed inside the chemical reaction.

The plastic is full of chemicals, it is most likely to infiltrate your drink, ruining your beer. Such as polyester plastic containers in the manufacture, often use antimony as a catalyst, the residual antimony may penetrate into the beverage.

At room temperature or below the temperature of the beverage, antimony content of the human body harmless, once the temperature increases, antimony content will increase. So, if in summer or other warm places, the beverage is stored in an unsealed warehouse for a few months, the content of antimony therein goes far beyond the standard.

Canned beer is safer.

As for aluminum cans, aluminum, like glass, is less permeable and therefore it is an excellent material for storing beer. Interestingly, aluminum cans are internally coated with a special polymer coating, specifically designed to inhibit the infiltration of aluminum elements into the beverage, so cans become safer to store; because excessive levels of aluminum in the body can lead to Alzheimer Symptoms and Parkinson's syndrome.

In any case, aluminum cans can store beverages in a dark, dark environment, protecting the beverage better than other types of packaging. In fact, we use glass, specifically colored glass, to store beer because it protects the beer from the sun.

In fact, plastic can be made the same color, but may disrupt the existing order of the plastic recycling system. Plastic beer bottles, which are amber colored like glass bottles, require an additional layer of coating to protect the beer in the bottle, making it harder to recycle than the transparent plastic bottle favored by the soft drink industry.

Plastic bottle packaging there is a problem: they can not pasteurization procedures. After the beer was brewed, there was an important part of the process when the package was finished, they were sent to a machine and heated with boiling water to kill bacteria that might still be alive in the beer.

This ensures the quality and safety of beer and extends their shelf life. Glass bottles and aluminum cans, of course, is no problem at all, while the plastic bottle is a boiled water on Baidu can be bad. Brown glass bottles PK green glass bottles and there is no special beer bottles, the use of more world-rich green wine bottles. So by the end of the 19th century, when the beginning of a special beer bottle, the tradition of the green bottle was preserved. The appearance of brown bottles until the 1930s. It has been found that if the beer is placed in a brown bottle, the beer that has been left for a long time will taste better and the beer with the brown bottle will be more abundant. Because of the dark color, the brown bottle can prevent the sunlight from irradiating the beer more than the green bottle, and therefore plays a better role in maintaining the quality of the beer. Brown bottles have also become a symbol of high-quality beer. So you can see that most of the craft beers on the market are packed in brown beers, while most industrial beers are packed in green ones.


In order to ensure the quality of beer, in addition to the quality of brewed beer equipment, costume equipment is also the top priority!

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