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Benefits Of Home-brewed Beer

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Brewed beer equipment in our life is more common, but also the use of more. And the benefits of brewed beer do you know? Brewed beer equipment allows you to have a good living environment, summer, drinking beer, nature to understand the benefits of drinking brewed beer.

1.Maintain heart health. Numerous studies show that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease, the number one killer in the United States. In the 2006 study, researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard School of Public Health found that among drinkers, modest drinkers were 40% to 60% less likely to have a heart attack than a stoaker.


2.Protect blood vessels.Hypertension affects about 650,000 Americans. But in 2007, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States found that the risk of fatal and non-fatal heart attacks was reduced in men who took high-dose beers of high blood pressure. Moderate drinking of beer also helps prevent thrombosis and prevent ischemic stroke.

3.Reduce the risk of diabetes.Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption in diabetics can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease attacks, mild alcohol drinking habits can help protect type 2 diabetics from developing countries, perhaps because alcohol consumption increases insulin sensitivity or Anti-inflammatory effect.

4.Diuretic effect.A Japanese military study found that the diuretic effect of beer in addition to the role of alcohol itself, mainly with beer fermentation solids contained in the inducer of nucleic acid. The diuretic effect of brewed beer can be used to treat diseases such as redness of urine. Because, beer, low levels of sodium, alcohol, nucleic acids can increase the supply of blood to the brain, dilate the coronary artery, and through the provision of blood to stimulate the kidneys to speed up the body's metabolic activity.

5.Improve cognitive skills.Is beer good for the brain? Research shows that the answer is yes. Reports published in the American Heart Association magazine in 2006 show that moderate drinking may give women better cognition. Coincidentally, a 2003 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that older people over the age of 65 drink 1 to 6 cups of alcoholic beverages weekly, compared with alcohol, alcohol and alcohol, the risk of Alzheimer's is lower .

6.Strong bones.Research shows that beer can play a role in preventing bone loss and in reconstructing bone mass in men, but no benefit is found for women after menopause in younger women. The study found that beer is one of the main sources of human silicon, can promote bone growth and increase bone density. However, excessive drinking can lead to a significant increase in the chances of bones.


7.Relieve stress and maintain healthy vitality. A review of 50 studies shows that there is an inverse relationship between moderate alcohol consumption and total mortality, with a daily risk of deaths of 1-2 beers, which seems likely due to the beer's role in preventing coronary heart disease and stroke. The role of alcohol in beer and the role of sedation ingredients is shocking and relaxing, helping to relieve stress and be good for your health.

8.Anti-Aging. Modern medical research shows that the accumulation of metabolites in the body, superoxide and oxygen free radicals, can trigger cardiovascular disease, cancer and accelerated aging in humans. People should take more antioxidants from their food to reduce the poisoning of human beings by these oxygen free radicals. There are a variety of antioxidants in beer, such as polyphenolic flavonoids from raw malt and hops, reduced ketones and melanoids formed during brewing, and glutathione secreted by yeast. Reducing the accumulation of oxygen free radicals are reducing characteristics. In particular, phenolic acids in polyphenols, vanillic acid and ferulic acid, can be beneficial to the human body to avoid low-density lipid oxidation, to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Although the ferulic acid in beer is ten times lower than the content in tomatoes, the absorption rate of ferulic acid in beer is 12 times higher than the latter. Of course, most of the beer's reductants are found in fresh beers, and they are also effective ingredients to assist with beer insurance. The effect of these reducing agents diminishes as the beer is stored for an extended period of time.

9.Eliminate muscle aches and physical fatigue. Barbani made this recommendation at the Fourth International Conference on Physiological Education in Spain in a report entitled "The Role of Beer in Regaining Metabolism." Barney pointed out that the composition of beer has antioxidant effects, and studies have shown that the cause of muscle soreness is due to the exercise of muscle fibers important oxidation activity, beer can alleviate this process. He also pointed out that muscle fatigue may also be caused by oxidation, the same can be eliminated with beer.

10.Cancer Prevention. Dr. Oregon State University researcher Dr. Fred - Steven has discovered a substance in beer that can prevent cancer. Not only does this substance, known as xanthohumol, give the beer a scent, it is also thought to have the effect of preventing cancers in the breast, colon, uterus and prostate. But at the moment, it is not clear how much beer to drink to achieve the purpose of cancer prevention.


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