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Craft VS Industrial Beer: Subversion Or Co-prosperity?

- May 30, 2018 -

Craft VS industrial beer: subversion or co-prosperity?

"The impression of domestic beer products with a single structure and weak taste has a long history and needs to be reversed."He said it is likely that gongfang beer will become a turning point in the development of the beer industry.

According to data released by the China wine industry association, China's beer production in 2017 reached 44,015 thousand liters, down 0.7% from the previous year.In 2017, the total consumption of beer reached 443,700 thousand liters, down 0.7% from the previous year, and the per capita consumption was 32.8 liters, down 0.1L from the previous year. From the perspective of consumption, all types of beer except beer showed an increasing trend.

The impact of craft beer on mainstream industrial beer cannot be ignored. As the craft beer produced in opposition to industrial beer, will it break the door of mainstream industrial beer?Fang gang believes that there are two views in the market at present.One view is that the craft beer boom is the result of a collective escalation of the entire beer market.In his view, the craft is a kind of beer, no intellectual property rights, the protection of patent, all companies can be to development and promotion of the breed, craft development again, also can't stop the survival evolution of mainstream beer "mainstream craft can also used in beer industry."

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