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Do Not Know Alcohol Degrees While Drinking Beer?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The alcohol level of beer, in general, is in the range of seven to eleven degrees.But this is not the degree of alcohol (liquor), it refers to the degree of raw hops. Beer's alcohol content is by weight, usually 2% -5%. The higher the alcohol content of beer, the better the quality of the drink. The degree mark on the beer bottle refers to the sugar content of the wort. 10 ° beer is 100 grams of sugar per kilogram of wort. Beer can be divided into three categories based on the concentration of wort: 6 ° -8 ° for the low concentration of beer, the lowest alcohol content (about 2%), the most suitable for the summer drink as a cool drink; 10 ° -12 ° for the concentration of beer , Alcohol content of about 3.5%; 14 ° -20 ° for the high concentration of beer, alcohol content close to 5%, internationally recognized as beer above 12 ° advanced beer, beer brewing cycle is long, resistant to storage.

Drinking beer is only a few degrees, then how to drink beer better?

The first step: ice. Cold beer taste better, can highlight the characteristics of beer. Remove the bottled or canned beer from the freezer and pour into a glass.

The second step: smell. Generally speaking, the taste of wine, in fact, 85% from the aromatic. Spending time should not be too long, as long as the end of the beer cup, take a deep, nose touches hops, fresh air in the environment, high-quality beer will emit thick aroma of wheat, and slightly bitter hops.

The third step: When tasting beer, shake, two sniff, three taste, four rinse. Shake the glass, smell the smell, taste a small beers, so alcohol stay in the mouth and turn around, and then swallow, feel the stimulation of carbon dioxide and body soft, mellow. After drinking, take a deep breath and further use the smell to feel the wine.

Step four: drink. After slow drinks, raise the glass, drink a big mouth, can fully feel the stimulation of beer in carbon dioxide, refreshing wine, hiccups brought beer aroma and pleasure.


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