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How Do Beer Equipment Brew Black Beer?

- Jan 19, 2018 -

  Black beer, also known as dark beer, the liquid is generally brown or brown, the original wort concentration of 12 to 20 degrees, alcohol content of 3.5% or more, the liquor highlight malt aroma and malt coke aroma, taste more mellow, slightly With sweet, hops hint is not obvious. The main selection of the wine coke malt, rye malt as raw materials, less the amount of hops, the use of a long time thickening of the saccharification process. And such a black beer, I also want to drink, but the purchase is too expensive do not want to buy, this approach is simple. You can brew yourself. Stout can be brewed with beer equipment.

Due to the different water quality in different regions, the water sources in different places show different hardness due to the different minerals. Now we know that brewing beer, the best water pH value of about 5.3. But at that time, almost all the people were "water-blind," and they did not know the impact of hard and soft water on brewing. Fortunately, people have found in practice that if part of the malted malt is added to the wort, a good beer can be brewed even in hard-to-drink areas.

Since the color of roasted malts is light brown to carbon black, darker beers are formed. Likewise, for some of the softer water sources in other parts of the world, malt can not be roasted and needs to be used directly to make a good beer. Modern science tells us that after malt baking, acidic substances are produced to reduce the pH of the water source. More rye malt is needed where the water quality is higher and no rye malt is used where water quality is soft. Thus, depending on the degree and amount of malt baking, the beers in each region exhibit their own unique color. This is entirely local water quality decisions. Today, water treatment is a very simple technique, so beer of all colors can be brewed anywhere in the world. Roasted malt beer can make a different flavor and taste, as well as interesting color.

So whether the dark beer is more nutritious? Black beer and light beer is the difference between the malt baking. After the malt is baked, some organic matter is carbonized to form coke which turns black. If one day people find coke nutritious, stout will be more nutritious.

Some people may ask, brewed beer equipment can brew several kinds of beer? In fact, brewed beer equipment mainly to brewing beer, dark beer, wheat beer, red beer, green beer and other products to assist brewing. Then the following article to explain to you how to use brewed beer equipment, brewing dark beer knowledge.

Brewed beer brewed stout is a kind of puree beer, dark beer is often greater than the color of 40EBC, wine was reddish brown, wine mellow, exquisite foam, bitter taste, the "black milk" in the world, also Suitable for the cold season of drinking.

First: material selection. Brewed beer equipment usually uses high-malt, darker-colored, smaller-sized, high-quality malts with about 10% of rye malt, sometimes with the right amount of amber malt. We also call him malt-aroma for finished malts, And to avoid excessive coke and coke bitter taste, affecting beer taste. Roughness of the rye malt may be appropriate coarse, to prevent filtration difficulties.

Second: add sugar color. The dosage can be based on finished product colorimetric beer may be, generally not more than 0.2% of liquor, beer brewed beer equipment can be added in the filter. Because the taste of beer depends largely on the quality of the colorant, maltose color has been used in recent years, its basic composition is close to that of wort, and its dissolution state is good. It is a good colorant but can not be added too much.

Third: the production volume. If you think about mass-producing stout, you'll need to have a yeast saccharification and fermentation facility to ensure the quality of the stout brewed in brewed beer equipment is stable and the production of other varieties is avoided.

Beer in our life is more common, then the beer equipment you should understand! And want to customize and buy beer equipment, etc. Welcome to my company, to provide you with beer equipment, micro-beer equipment.


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