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How To Efficiently Filter Wort With Brewed Beer Equipment

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Home-brewed beer equipment is special in China Beer Brewery. Its exist and development will do good to our beer’s healthy development.


With the technique and domestic small beer equipment’s constant research and development. Home-brewed beer equipment made huge progress, as well. Beer produced by home-brewed equipment factory are mainly used in hotels and bars etc..Mash machines are divided into two-devices, three-devices, four-devices and five-devices etc... Here I would introduce the mash device of beer brew. After finishing mash, we should separate the wort and chaff to get clear wort.

Wort filtration in two steps: First, the malt as a filter layer, the use of filtration method to extract the wort, said the first wort or filter wort); the second is the use of hot water to rinse out the residue in the cereal Wort, second wort or wort.

Wort filtration is the most commonly used filter tank method. Filtration tank installed in the body of the filter sieve plate, tilling knife, etc., with a number of ducts and pipes, valves and pumps form a circulating filtration system, the use of liquid column hydrostatic filtration for power. In addition, in addition to hydrostatic filtration, there are filter press filter, the mash pressure, resulting in clear wort.


The factors that affect the speed of wort filtration are the following:

1.The greater the viscosity of wort, the slower the filtration rate;

2.The greater the thickness of the filter layer, the lower the filtration rate;

3.The resistance of the filter layer, the filter is slow. The size of the resistance of the filter layer depends on the size of the pore diameter, pore length and flexibility, porosity. Filter resistance is determined by the filter thickness and filter permeability.

4.Poor crushing effect also affects the filtration speed, crushing too fine, increasing the difficulty of filtration, resulting in slow filtration.


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