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Introduction Of The Manufacturing Technique Of Home-brewed Beer Equipment

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Home-brewed beer equipment is mainly used for the brew of beer,frequently seen in pub,hotel,barbecue restaurant ,small and medium beer factory.It's a kind of our most familiar brewing facilities. Then brewery equipment producing company will make an introduction about the benefits and the technique of beer making.


Beer consist of sugar,protein,more than 10 kinds of vitamin and 17 types of amino acid that are necessary to human.,it's a nutritious "Liquid Bread".One liter beer are equally to 6 eggs and a half liter of milk. Beer contains a great quantity of beneficial parts to human body. So the advantages of beer are divided into several points:

  1. Cooling and quench thirst.Home-brewed beer could stimulate to secrete saliva to quench. Besides,beer possess a high content of water(more than 90%). A cup of beer makes everything lively.

  2. Refresh your mind.Co2 and organic acid in home-brewed beer has the function of making muscle relaxed and calm your emotion.

  3. Helps digesting. Main raw material of home-brewed beer is barely,alcohol,hops and polyphenol. It is able to promote the secretion of gastric juice and improce digesting and absorbing ability.

  4. Benefits metabolism. Beer contains a low contents of NA, alcohol, nucleic acid. They can increase the blood supplies to brain, expand artery and speed up the metabolism.

  5. Avoid disease. According to Oakland, The Kaiser Permanter's West Los Angeles Medical Centre's experient: People who drinks properly has less chance to get heart disease and canker than those who never drink or drinks too much. And proper drinking avoids high blood pressure and other disease.

    Main thchniques of home-brewed beer equipment are saccharifying, filtration, fermentation, sterilization. 


    These are the technique of home-brewed beer equipment and benefits of drinking beer. Hope my introduction could help you. With beer's spread, we believe beer equipment producing has a very bright and potential future.

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