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On The Characteristics Of Saccharification In Beer Equipment

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Brewery equipment leaching glycosylation method: The characteristics of leaching glycosylation method are that the glycosylated mash is not boiled from beginning to end, and it solely depends on the action of enzymes to leach out various substances. The wort still retains a certain amount of enzyme activity before boiling. According to whether the saccharification process adds auxiliary materials, it can be divided into single mash leaching method and double mash leaching method. The single mash leaching method can be divided into constant temperature leaching glycosylation method and warming leaching glycosylation method.
1. Single temperature performance sugar method. The feed temperature is about 60 degrees, and the sugar is heated for one to two hours to the transition temperature of 78 degrees for filtration. The method does not have a protein decomposition stage, so it is only suitable for malts where protein decomposition is relatively complete.
2. Single mash warming leaching method. The feed temperature is 35 to 37 degrees, heat preservation is about 20 minutes, and then the temperature is raised to 50 degrees for protein egg decomposition. If the malt dissolves well, it can also be fed directly with 50 degrees, heat insulation for about 60 minutes, and then slowly heated to 65 degrees, 72 degrees for segmented saccharification, and finally heated to 78 degrees for filtration. This method is suitable for well-dissolved malt and is particularly suitable for making whole malt beer and fermented beer.
3. When the double mash is boiled and boiled, the mash is no longer boiled, but is heated directly in the sugar pot to reach the temperature required at each stage of saccharification. Some people call this method "a rice method" or "a boiled sugar method" which is incorrect, because strictly speaking, the boiling of the mash should be called the "prepasteurization" or "precooking" of the auxiliary material. "It does not belong to the scope of cooking. At present, many manufacturers in China use accessories to make light color beer.
4. The characteristic of boiling the glycosylation method is to heat a part of the glycosylated mash to the boiling point, and then to boil the mash with its remaining amount, so that the temperature of the entire mash reaches the temperature required by different enzyme actions in stages, and finally reaches the end of glycosylation. temperature. According to whether or not the saccharization process is added, the sucrose method can be divided into a single boiling method and a double boiling method. According to the number of times of splitting, the cooking method can be divided into three boiling methods and two cooking methods. Method, one cooking method.
These are the characteristics of saccharification in beer equipment. Have you learned?

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