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Will Craft Beer Bid Farewell To The Wild Growth?

- May 29, 2018 -

Recently, the development trend of China's beer industry from 2018 and standardized symposium, according to the workshop of beer and its production specification groups draft standard has been introduced, to beer (craft beer) production workshop personnel, machines, materials, method, environment to conduct a comprehensive specification.

Craft beer was renamed gongfang beer

Craft Beer has become increasingly popular with consumers in recent years because of its special ingredients and independent brewing techniques.China's wine industry association deputy secretary-general and beer branch secretary-general He Yongceng pointed out that craft beer is workshop more professional term, it is a small craft beer, can reflect the personalized, the characteristic features of the product.

Beer industry experts, fang in an interview with the media, according to their understanding to the draft this time mainly from the Angle of scale, raw materials, production methods and so on to do the rules, but in the industry of the definition of real craft beer or controversial, "so the official Angle using the 'workshop of beer this more' neutral 'choice of words."For the release of "craft beer with Chinese characteristics", he thinks is reasonable still need through the test of implementation process, the craft beer itself represents the independence and freedom, the market can do not subscribe to this standard, still need time to confirm."

It is understood that in mature beer market in the United States, the United States brewers association standard workshop of beer is small, the annual output at 6 million barrels (below 702000 tons), independent, micro brewing or agencies of shares more than 25%.

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