Copper Beer Mashing Equipment

Copper Beer Mashing Equipment

Copper tanks is made of food grade stainless steel 304/316/316L inner container and red copper outside surface. It is timeless, very luxurious and beautiful. It's especially suitable for bars, pubs.

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Copper Beer Mashing Equipment

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Mashing System: 

Mashing system is one important part of brewing, and is the leading of beer flavor. Mashing equipment is the critical factor for brewing. The system mainly consists of mash tun, lauter tank, brew kettle, whirlpool tank. These four parts can be combined flexibly according to customer requirements.

And our red copper tanks is made of food grade stainless steel 304/316/316L inner container and red copper outside surface. It is timeless, very luxurious and beautiful. It's especially suitable for bars, pubs.




Fermentation System:

Fermentation is also an important part of brewing process, to insure the health of the fermentation process is the key of brewing good beer.

The fermentation tank is made of high quality stainless steel 304, which is in line with domestic and foreign food safety drawing board, 2b oil weld slinging band, the lining of picking passivation form a protective film, imported high pressure polyurethane foam insulation.

Adopted the technology of the maitreya plate cooling jacket, through the refrigerant heat exchange cooling, single pot single control, automatic temperature control.

Equipment composition: the fermenting system is consisited by a group of fermentation tanks and refrigerant tanks.




Cooling System:

Preparation of ice-water and refrigerant storage system is an important condition to ensure wort cooling and temperature control of fermentation tanks.

Equipment composition: cold water tank, refrigerant storage tank, chiller and circulating pump.

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CIP System:

The condition of sanitary security is very important in the beer fermenting process, it affects the taste of beer and success of fermentation; it needs a reliable CIP cleaning and disinfection of equipment to ensure the entire system clean and sanitation.

Equipment composition: constituted by two tanks contained with washing disinfectant and pump.

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Automatic Control System: 

The precise control and operation of temperature and pressure to the system of Saccharification and fermentation is very important because it effects the flavor of the beer.

Equipment structure: PLC programming control cabinet and power control cabinet.


Equipment Details

Product Details:


1. German new technology and Engineer from German.

2. High quality materials, stainless steel, red cooper, beautiful outlook.

3. The parts use famous brand.

4. The finished beer is very delicious and nutritious for body.

5. The Seamless welding, good sealing performance. 




CE Certifications



About Ruijia

Why choose Ruijia Brewing? 

1.  20 Years experience in beer brewing equipment manufacturing. 

2. Over 100 working staff, and all workers in key process (welding, polishing, testing, etc.) with more than 5 years.

3. High quality equipment with reasonable price; 

4. CE or other necessary certification available; 

5. Free installation, commissioning and beer brewing process guidance on site (accommodation and travelling fee needed).

6. Optimized design: guaranteed extremely low failure rate; 

7. Top-quality components: all parts are made of food-grade stainless steel 304 (or 316 by order), and all key components are using well-known brand;

8. High-quality production: well seamless welded unit with fine grinding surface; 

9. Equipment of long service life.




Our Services

1. Free equipment and layout design;

2. Free installation and commissioning;

3. 12 to 60 months guarantee with life time maintenance; 

4. Free beer brewing process (with different kinds of receipts) guidance by our professional technical support team;

5. Free brewing materials (barley and hops) during the commissioning period. 

6. User-friendly operation manual and video instruction. 


Pre-sale service 

Provide one-stop beer brewing project solution according to customer's demand:

Free layout and equipment design with detailed process flow chart; 

photobank (2)

Free draft cost-benefit analysis. 

How to choose the suitable capacity according to budget

Capacity liter





Budget USD





Areas M2





Fermenter Qty



Equipment Production Process Monitoring 

All production will be strictly according to standards;

Regular communication with our customer for production progress report.


Business Opening Preparation Assistance

Brewery venue preparation guidance;  

Assistance with relevant business permissions;

Arrangement for equipment acceptance.  


After-sales Service 

Shipping and logistic matters arrangement;

Five-year warranty for all tank with life-long time technical support;  

Professional engineers team to guide installation and commissioning on-site;

Brewing beer process guidance with variety of brewing formula;

Free beer brewing raw materials during commissioning period. 


Packaging & Shipping

Packing Detail:

1. LCL/FCL (20GP/40GP/40HQ) available;

2. Loading layout drawings available;  

3. All goods will be wrapped with soft package as protection;

4. Equipment packed with wooden case or fixed with iron frame in containers, suitable for export transportation;

5. Special packaging available as per customer’s special demand. 

Delivery Time: 30 days after advanced payment (negotiable) 

Trade Terms:

Payment: By T/T 30% advanced payment and 70% before shipment  

MOQ: 1 Set 



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